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What makes CSS, Inc. so different from all the other providers in our area?
As CSS Inc.'s mission statement states: we want "to empower people with intellectual and developmental disabilities to live a life of their choice".  This means listening to the wants, dreams and needs of those we serve so that the support we give assists people to thrive in their life on their terms.  CSS, Inc. goes above and beyond what is the basic nature of our jobs- which is to keep people "healthy and safe", as governed by the Oregon Administrative Rules.  Our commitment is to support a person as they want, which includes encouraging healthy and safe choices as well as help with problem solving of the day-to-day demands and desires that a person experiences.  Each human being, abled or not, deserves the dignity of risk in their life- without risk, we cannot learn or grow from our experiences.  CSS, Inc. believes strongly that people receiving services can and should be integral part of their communities, maintain relationships with new and different people from an array of backgrounds and make the final decisions in and about how to live their lives.  These are the decisions and growth outcomes that determine a person's Individual Service Plan, or ISP.

The ISP planning process is unique to each person, as we all have different value systems, rituals and desires.  CSS, Inc. adheres to planning that is done through discovery, information collection from those served, their family members, friends and those staff that know them best.  What results is a plan that is person centered with outcomes and measures that are the stepping stones for someone to achieve their desires.

CSS, Inc. works hard to maintain a high and honorable reputation among the intellectual and developmental disability (I/DD) community throughout our 25 years of operation.  Our number one priority are the people receiving services that are served by us, not the systems that are in place.  People receiving services deserve the best provider and CSS, Inc. strives to hit that mark through ongoing continuous improvements and quality checks of the work we do.
​At the core of providing these outstanding supports to people are the CSS, Inc. frontline employees, our Direct Support Professionals (DSPs).​ They are trained thoroughly once hired with new hire orientation so that when they are on their shift  they are able to feel confident and knowledgeable of the supports they are to give. Our employees have ample opportunities to further knowledge through different training opportunities as well as having the encouragement to think outside the box when it comes to a support- catering to each person's different personality and making it fun or trying new things.

Are you asking yourself, "self, that sounds like a place I'd like to work at!" or are you seeking an employer who honors the work that you do and recognizes the sacrifices and hard work you do on a daily basis? Do you have a yearning to have a career that is long term? Then Community Support Services, Inc. is looking for YOU!

We offer a full array of benefits to our employees who work 25 hours a week, including but not limited to: health and medical benefits, dental benefits, prescription care, optional AFLAC supplemental insurance coverage, an Employee Assistance Program, an IRA retirement fund for qualified employees and much more.

If you are a job seeker who is looking for a career in the human services field, a field that is both challenging and rewarding at the same time, we encourage you to stop at our main office and pick up an application. (due to the legalities of our application, it is not currently available online).  CSS, Inc.'s Human Resources Manager, Holly, can give you general information about CSS, Inc. including all current open shifts. We currently have SEVERAL shifts available, due to the enhancements that have come through from the State of Oregon so, come on down!  We'd love to have you part of our team.

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For employment questions, current available positions or to send a resume or CV, click to contact HR:
Or call Holly at: (503) 363-3268 ext. 304.

For employment verifications, fax them to us at: (503) 363-5569 attn. Holly
Employees of CSS, Inc.: what we offer:
"​CSS is more like a little family- we are passionate about the supports that we provide and strive to be person centered."

     ~Former employee
"Staff are an outgoing staff, helping people to change their lives.  We're fantastical!"

                              ~Nancy, DSP 1