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CSS, Inc.: our core values
Supported Living Services
A Brokerage is a support organization created to help people get the services and supports they say they need.  To determine eligibility, you should apply for services at your local county Developmental Disabilities program.  Once eligible, you may choose a Brokerage and then can hire CSS to provide the desired supports and services.  Currently CSS serves 3 people in Brokerage.
CSS has a comprehensive program providing the level of supports needed and desired to live a safe quality of live.  Our Supported Living program supports individuals who live in their own homes.  The supports provided include but are not limited to: health, medical management, home and community safety, money management, menu planning, grocery shopping and partaking in various hobbies and leisure activities.  We support the individual person to have the life that is important to and important for them based on what they want along with those who know them best.  Currently CSS serves 34 people in Supported Living.
In-Home support services are services provided to an individual in order to live at home or in their family homes.  Individuals who choose our services can purchase the following supports: attendant care, hourly relief and/or skills training.  In any of those three areas it can be activities of daily living (ADLs) and/or instrumental activities of daily living (IADLs).  Currently CSS serves 3 people in In-Home services.
Community Support Services, Inc. We has been in existence since May 1989 and have continued to maintain our reputation of quality services and strong advocacy.

Our story began in 1989 when our Director and CEO, Nina Watkins, began the company with just 20 people served in a Semi Independent Living Program (SILP). Since then, we have grown into an organization that currently has a Brokerage program, Supported Living, and three 24-Hour support programs; serving 35 individuals and employing over 50 wonderful employees. Although we are one of the smaller organizations in the Salem-Keizer area, we are proud of the fact that by being smaller we have the luxury of attaining more individualized, informed and unique Person Centered supports that each person within our organization deserves.
​CSS, Inc. programs based on services:
CSS, Inc.: a little bit of a history lesson
Our Mission

To empower people with intellectual and developmental disabilities to live a life of their choice.
Our Purpose

To discover how a person wants to live their life and identify what is required to make that possible.
Our Values (D.I.G.N.I.T.Y. acronym)

D- DEDICATED: look to proactive approaches to service and a commitment to stand 
                           beside, not behind.
I- INTEGRITY: we are united and accountable to ethical treatment to those we serve 
                        by being professional and honorable.
G- GO AHEAD: secure the protection of people's civil and human rights.
N- NEVER GIVE UP: stay committed and loyal to the services being provided.
I- INVESTED: there is honesty and respect at all times.
T- TREAT ALL CITIZENS AS EQUALS: supporting individuality, developing 
                        relationships and partnering in their communities.
Y- YES: having the resolve to persevere, try new things and dream.
CSS has three (3) comprehensive homes that provide a 24-hour setting of support and security.  The setting is based on an interdependent approach to Person Centered principles and practices.  These enviornments allows opportunities for growth, power and where meeting people's dreams occurs.  Our mission is to ensure choice and freedoms for people to live the life that they want to live.  Currently CSS serves 8 people in 24-hour.
In-Home support Services